women most ornaments are silk scarves dress

women most ornaments are silk scarves dress. They match silk scarves with their own clothes in different styles, and you can’t help but notice their faces; women’s most ornaments are brooches, which are used to show women. romantic feelings. Clothes don’t have to be too many, and they don’t have to be full of tricks. It is best to choose simple and elegant styles, leaving room for accessories to display, so as to reflect the matching skills and taste of the wearer. In addition to yellow, orange, and orange, all colors with yellow as the base color are warm colors. Warm colors generally give people a gorgeous, mature and vibrant impression, and the achromatic colors that are suitable for matching with these warm colors, in addition to white and black, it is best to use camel, brown, and coffee. The seven colors with blue as the base are all cool colors. It is best to choose black, gray, and colorful colors to match the cool color tone, and avoid matching with camel and coffee colors. Layered use of color gradient collocation, only select one color dress, use different light and dark collocation, giving people a harmonious and layered sense of rhythm. The combination of different colors and the same tone also gives people a harmonious beauty.


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