matching with the casual long knitted dress

which is very suitable for matching with the casual long knitted dress. Unify the accessories into black to create a unique atmosphere. The combination of floral dress and knitted cardigan not only shows women’s elegance and refinement, but also gives them the cool and spring atmosphere of early spring. In the process of matching, it is better to choose a solid color coat to match with the floral dress inside, so that the combination will have a sense of integrity and hierarchy, and will show the skill and fashion of matching. Try more dresses+suits. They are fashionable and high class. The beige suit jacket is loose in shape and looks thin and stylish. Let’s talk about its color. It’s not picky. Its upper body is white and it sets off the skin color. The light colored floral dress matches the beige suit very well, and the high-heeled shoes on the feet are also the same color as the suit, which makes it very high-level! For the matching of dresses, try the color matching rule of combining depth with light

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