The same clothes effect of wearing is not the same for different dress

The same clothes effect of wearing is not the same for different dress. Therefore, people are more and more concerned about how to dress. When we see a pleasing garment, the first thing that strikes us is the color, and a garment with harmonious colors will always win our praise first. So let’s talk about it first: Color matching: We often hear that the color of the clothes that so-and-so is wearing today is really good, or that the color of the clothes that so-and-so wears today is not good-looking. But for the same piece of clothing, if she wears it in a different way, such as with different bottoms or a suitable scarf, it will look completely different. In fact, there are no unsightly colors, only unsightly collocations. Simply put, different colors give people different feelings. Colors can give people different feelings, such as cold and warm, expansion and contraction, light and heavy, soft and hard, gorgeous and simple, excited and calm. Different people, different seasons, different occasions, we need different feelings. So, how to choose our suitable color? I’ll teach you a simple general method: Using neutrals with basic colors is one of the easiest to find color balance. Master the usage of main color, auxiliary color and embellishment color. Usually as suits, trench coats, coats, pants, skirts, etc. The secondary color is the color that matches the main color, accounting for about 40% of the body area. They are usually one-piece tops, coats, shirts, vests, etc. The embellishment color generally only accounts for 5%-15% of the body area. They usually use silk scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., which will play a role in drawing dragons.

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