This color scheme is the mainstream color

really beautiful! This color scheme is the mainstream color of this year. The upper part of the body carries the age reducing attribute of a girl. It is full of lively girlish temperament. The length of the medium length dress is warm and thin. Now the sports version of the sweater dress is more and more popular. After all, the casual, comfortable and fashionable pieces are not particularly large, so it can be beautiful to wear alone. It can also be put up with a jeans, and it is sweet and beautiful to wear with black canvas shoes. As an interior style, you can wear knitted cardigan, sweater, shirt, etc. outside, which is very elegant and gentle. It can be paired with T-shirts, chiffon shirts, etc. as an outer layer, which is especially fashionable and avant-garde.

The shoes can be selected to look elegant and fashionable with pointed high-heeled shoes,

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